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Outdoor and public places have a very strong open, and these environments are often uncertain people and things, the dog will be very curious about new things when going out, which has some unsafe factors, the pet retractable leash can ensure that the owner can monitor the dog's behavior, found that it is interested in some dangerous facilities can easily pull the dog away.
Our pet retractable leash, for different sizes of dogs have corresponding products, 8KG, 10KG, 20KG, 50KG, basically covers all the weight of the dog, and do not worry about the pet retractable leash rope will break, the product will fall, the product is composed of, zinc alloy buckle, nylon webbing, ABS material and stainless steel movement, and we have professional equipment for Tension test, can reach the dog's weight more than 3 times the tension, safety is guaranteed.

Since 1999Jinhua Solid Tools Co., Ltd.

Jinhua Solid Tools Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, have a professional sales team and an experienced team. As a professional OEM Pet Retractable Leash Manufacturers and ODM Pet Retractable Leash factory in China, we mainly produces a series of pet products, among which the pet automatic retractable leash, pet collar and pet harness are favored very much by customers. We focus on developing high-quality Pet Retractable Leash for top-end markets and dedicated to developing more safety products for pets. Our high quality products have been exported to North America, Europe, Japan and Korea and other regions, and can be found in major retail department stores and pet supply chain supermarkets.

We specialize in Custom Pet Retractable Leash, The company has advanced testing equipment, and we will conduct spring fatigue test, maximum tensile test, impact test, switch life test for each batch of products. The trained QA and QC personnel closely monitor each process of the production to ensure the quality of each product. In addition, our products have obtained professional quality system and testing certifications such as TUV, GS and BV.

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What types of pet retractable leashes are there?

There are various types of pet retractable leashes available in the market, including but not limited to:
1. Corded retractable leash
2. Tape retractable leash
3. Reflective retractable leash
4. Heavy-duty retractable leash
5. Hands-free retractable leash
6. Double retractable leash
7. Retractable leash with a built-in flashlight
8. Retractable leash with a waste bag dispenser.

What are the characteristics of the pet retractable leash?

The characteristics of a pet retractable leash can vary depending on the specific model and brand, but some common features include:
1. Retractable mechanism that allows you to adjust the length of the leash
2.Handle for a comfortable grip and control
3. Brake button or lock that allows you to control the length of the leash and keep your pet in place
4. Durable leash material, such as nylon or cord, that can withstand pulling and tugging
5. Swivel mechanism that prevents the leash from tangling or twisting
6. Various sizes and lengths available to accommodate different breeds and sizes of pets
7. Some may have additional features like reflective strips for visibility at night or a waste bag dispenser for convenience.

How to choose a pet retractable leash?

When choosing a pet retractable leash, here are some factors to consider:
Pet size: Make sure to choose a leash that is appropriate for your pet's size and weight. A leash that is too thin or weak can break or cause injury to your pet.
Length: Consider the length of the leash that you need based on your walking environment and your pet's behavior. For example, a shorter leash might be better in crowded areas or for pets that tend to pull, while a longer leash might be suitable for open areas.
Leash type: Choose a leash type that suits your needs, such as a tape or cord leash, reflective leash for nighttime walks, or a hands-free leash for jogging.
Quality: Look for a leash made of durable materials and with strong construction to ensure it can withstand regular use and your pet's activity level.
Handle design: The leash handle should feel comfortable and secure in your hand, with a non-slip grip.
Safety features: Choose a leash with a reliable locking mechanism to prevent your pet from running off unexpectedly, and check for additional safety features like reflective strips or a wrist strap to prevent dropping the leash.
Brand and reviews: Research the brand and read reviews from other pet owners to ensure that the leash is a good fit for your pet and meets your needs.