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How to deal with dogs eating chocolate?

There are many foods can not be eaten in the dog's life, pet dog owners at the time often will not pay attention to the dogs because it was not supposed to eat some of the food we eat. As a dog parents should know that chocolate is a rich food can not give the dog to eat. However, everyday life situations they will inevitably encounter dogs eating chocolate, then when the dogs eating chocolate should be how to deal with it?

Research found that chocolate is toxic to dogs, and sometimes can even be fatal, particularly in the purity, the higher the concentration of chocolate, the dog's injury is more serious. Chocolate is processed from cocoa beans from derivatives containing a variety of methylxanthines, caffeine and theobromine belong to these substances. These materials will bring many serious dog health problems.
Now some chocolate content of such substances on the market is particularly high, wherein the content of some types of chocolate such substances is particularly high, with the highest baking chocolate and dark chocolate methylxanthine content, and the content of white chocolate is lower. The study found that only 13 and 14 for a dog, a chocolate milk on a sufficient cause symptoms of poisoning. Methylxanthine stimulate the dog's central nervous system, the heart rate of the dog swells, causing a variety of symptoms of poisoning.
Clinical study found that when the dog chocolate poisoning when the symptoms are the main performance, bloating, stomach upset, irritability, increased urination, rapid heart rate, moderate to severe anxiety, severe thirst and body temperature. If similar disorders in dogs after eating chocolate, then quickly send the dog to the hospital. If for various reasons, not been able to feel the pet hospital, then please call the vet, follow the instructions to the dog rescue. In general, dogs can help induce vomiting or give activated charcoal to absorb remaining toxins.